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Welcome to XGZ Aroma where we aspire to transform your lifestyle. Based in the Antipolo, Philippines, we have a wide spectrum of Air Revitalizers/Air Purifier ionizers/Reed Sticks Diffuser/Aromatherapy Fragrances/Home Fragrances/Electric Diffuser/Aroma Diffuser scents and Candle Burner. Besides being price competitive (cheap in all aspects), we carry one of the world’s leading revolutionary air purification product, marrying the benefits of aromatherapy with water-based filtration to spring clean your surrounding air of bacteria, aero-allergens, fungi, mould and unpleasant odours and improve your body resistance.

The aroma and beneficial wonders of our fragrances are diffused into the surrounding, enabling you to enjoy the refreshing goodness that comes with it.

Purification all year round. Purifying when you need it.

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A Quick Glance of our Company

Sneak Peek to our Product Line !

About Our Air Purifier/Air Revitalizer/Air Purification products

Our water based Air Purifier products works as an air purifier, air revitalizer, aroma therapy and fragrance machine. Our Air Purifiers cleanses your air from all form of pollutants and replaces it with fresh, clean and enhanced aromatherapy fragrances of your choice.

About Our Air Purifier Ionizers

Our Air Purifier Ionizers reconditions the air for maximum comfort and freshness. Pollutants are eradicated from the air and replaced with breaths of refreshing air. The renewing effects of cleaner air become more present in your surroundings as it cleanses negative ions, which helps to improve the purification of the air. With our Air Purifier Ionizers, you can live in harmony with nature for a serene home environment.

About Our Electric Diffuser

Our latest Electric Diffuser is simple yet timeless design with it’s distinctive & decorative universe. Our range of electric diffuser would create a bespoke fragrance according to your whim.

About Our Aroma Diffuser

Our Aroma Diffuser has an elegant design fit for any table top. Our Aroma Diffuser absorbs the aromatherapy fragrances  and emits an aroma into your breathing air, allowing your mind and body be rejuvenated.

About Our Aromatherapy Car Scenter

Our Aromatherapy Car Scenter offers a safe and convenient way to enjoy the delightful pleasures of pure essential oils while in the car. To ensure stress free driving, simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the reusable felt pad and plug into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. 3 refill pads included.

About Our Aromatherapy/Home Fragrances

Our very own Aromatherapy and Home fragrances are formulated to “set the mood”. Whether you want to relax, or be energized, our aromatherapy fragrances focuses on how you want to “feel”. Our aromatherapy fragrances are made with only the special qualities of botanical extracts with no added synthetic compounds or chemicals, which essentially transforms our aromatherapy fragrances into an all natural cleanser.

Our products have all been awarded for it’s quality, promotion of natural manufacturing and protecting of consumers’ health and environmental safety. It upholds the strictest standards of naturalness of personal care products in the world.