Pre-Ink Stamps

Our pre-ink stamp is the ideal stamp for daily office use. It guarantees clean, precise imprints. For years it has stood for reliability and professionalism. Accurate workmanship and high quality materials make it an enduring champion in the product range.

Manufactured using our latest Flash Stamp Technology. Our latest technology and high quality materials enable us to produce a more reliable and long lasting pre-ink stamp that can produce over 50,000 impressions!

This high technology production system can produce stamp with crystal clear imprints, dries almost instantly on glossy paper with water-proof ink. In addition, the stamp is re-inkable when the ink runs out. The stamp can be pre-filled with ink from a choice of 5 different colours (i.e., BLACK, BLUE, RED, PURPLE and GREEN) and the stamp is ready for use anywhere, anytime.

We use oil-based ink, which are imported from Japan and it is what makes this pre-ink stamps leaves a lasting impression that do not get blurred over time and more over it is waterproof.